Return & Refund Policy

All of our product is custom product and we manufacture the case after a buyer order a product. Buyer can change his or her mind and cancel a purchase agreement for full refund during the cooling period. The cooling period is 1 (one) day after purchasing, before the item is shipped. We can not receive exchange or refund if it is mistake by buyer (eg: wrongly choose case type, material, color or design).

If you find that the item is broken, defect or faulty, please contact us for return immediately. Purchased product can be exchanged in an unused shape for within 14 days of delivery.

If the item you received is faulty or incorrect, please contact and don't forget quoting your order reference number. Please always contact us BEFORE shipping your case back to us.

Keep in mind that the displayed photo in website and the printing on the case may not exactly same due to light of photography effect. The cases are made to withstand the light occasional drop, there is no guarantee that your phone is fully protected from hard impact.